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Mount Abu by Train :-

Mount abu does not have a railway station. Abu Road (ABR) railway station is the nearest one from Mount abu. Check out various trains passing through Abu Road.

Starting Station Train Arrival at Abu Road Service Days
Bangalore (SBC) Jodhpur Express (16508) 11:35 AM
(duration: 37h 15m)
Mon & Wed
Delhi (NDLS) Adi Sj Rajdhani (12958) 06:20 AM
(duration: 10h 25m)
All Days
Hyderabad (SC) Sc Bkn Exp (17037) 05:55 AM
(duration: 30h 40m)
Pune (PUNE) Pune Jodhpur Ex (11090) 12:20 PM
(duration: 16h 30m)
Ahmedabad (ADI) Ajmer Passenger (54805) 05:35 AM
(duration: 6h 20m)
All Days
Haridwar Mail (19105) 02:05 PM
(duration: 4h 40m)
All Days
Ajmer (AII) Aii Bct Express (12990) 12:35 AM
(duration: 5h 15m)
Wed, Fri & Sun
Aii Mys Express (16209) 10:05 AM
(duration: 4h 15m)
Fri & Sun
Bandra Terminus (BDTS) Suryanagari Exp (12480) 01:14 AM
(duration: 11h 44m)
All Days
Ranakpur Expres (14708) 04:30 AM (duration: 13h 30m) All Days
Bareilly (BE) Ala Hazrat Exp (14311) 01:20 AM
(duration: 19h 5m)
Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat
Be Bhuj Exp (14321) 01:20 AM (duration: 19h 5m) Mon, Wed & Sun
Bhuj (BHUJ) Ala Hazrat Exp (14312) 11:45 PM (duration: 12h 40m) Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun
Bareilly Expres (14322) 11:45 PM (duration: 8h 5m) Tue, Wed & Fri
Bikaner (BKN) Bkn Sc Exp (17038) 02:00 AM (duration: 11h) Fri
Bkn Adi Spl (0942) 02:31 AM (duration: 10h 26m) Fri
Chennai Egmore (MS) Ms Jodhpur Exp (16125) 05:50 AM
(duration: 38h 35m)
Dadar (DDR) Ajmer Express (12989) 02:36 AM (duration: 12h 1m) Mon, Thu & Sat
Ddr Bkn Sup Spl (0288) 02:36 AM (duration: 12h 1m) Tue
Dehradun (DDN) Uttaranchal Exp (19566) 03:00 AM
(duration: 21h)
Delhi (DLI) Ashram Express (12916) 03:45 AM
(duration: 12h 40m)
All Days
Delhi S Rohilla (DEE) Bdts Garib Rath (12215) 09:00 PM
(duration: 11h 40m)
Mon, Thu & Sat
Bdts G R Spl (2215A) 09:00 PM
(duration: 11h 40m)
Haridwar (HW) Hw Adi Mail (19106) 12:37 PM
(duration: 21h 12m)
All Days
Jaipur (JP) Jp Bct Sf Spl (0238) 12:35 AM (duration: 7h 45m) Tue
Aravali Express (19708) 05:10 PM
(duration: 8h 25m)
All Days
Jammu (JAT) Jat Adi Express (19224) 10:40 AM
(duration: 27h 10m)
All Days
Jodhpur (JU) Ju Bdts Spl (0966) 12:20 AM (duration: 5h 5m) Sat
Ju Bdts Express
12:35 AM
(duration: 5h 20m)
Kochuveli (KCVL) Bikaner Express (16312) 11:45 AM
(duration: 44h 30m)
Mumbai Central (BCT) Jaipur Sup F Sp (0237) 02:36 AM
(duration: 12h 16m)
Muzaffarpur  (MFP) Mki Pbr Express (19270) 03:00 AM
(duration: 36h)
Mon & Sun
Mysore (MYS) Ajmer Express (16210) 11:35 AM
(duration: 41h 5m)
Tue & Thu
Okha (OKHA) Uttaranchal Exp (19565) 08:03 PM (duration: 12h 38m) Fri
Porbandar (PBR) Delhi Sr Expres (19263) 05:08 AM
(duration: 14h 8m)
Tue & Sat
Pbr Motihari Ex (19269) 05:08 AM
(duration: 14h 8m)
Thu & Fri
Yesvantpur Jn (YPR) Ypr Jodhpur Exp (16534) 11:45 AM
(duration: 42h)
Garib Nawaz Exp (16532) 11:45 AM
(duration: 42h)